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CellBound is a Metroidvania - Bullet hell about humanities fight to save their planet from an inter dimensional threat.


The Lore - 

(tl;dr at the bottom)

The story of CellBound starts soon after humanity learns how to manipulate ancient gates strewn about Earth, and using them to travel vast distances via the Nexus.  Eventually, one of these gates opens to a different place, a place that was full of monsters that invaded Earth without a second thought.

 Humanity couldn't fight them off , so the remainder of humanity fled to various space colonies and worked on a solution. 

Eventually, Project 17 was thought of. 17 Robots designed to restain and kill the monster threat. When this plan what put into action however, only one robot remained.

Robot 13 - The Collector

(tl;dr - Earth gets invaded by monsters from another dimension and 17 robots were made to fight back, but only robot 13 remains.)



Cellbound plays like a Metroidvania Bullet hell that is somewhat difficult.



Movement - WASD + SPACE 

GUN - Left Mouse (shoot) , Mouse (aim) , C (Drop / equip Gun) 

Extra - Q (Zoom in and out)

Enter - Pause.


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